About Me

I just wanted to make some door pulls and throttle handles…

My name is Neal, and I’m a pilot who lives in the Dallas, Texas area. This is a collection of my successes and failures in regard to setting up a CNC mill in my garage.

Why would I want to do that?

I’ve got a bankrupt airplane. Well, the airplane itself isn’t bankrupt but the factory that built the airplane is. That means parts can be scarce at times. Since I had unused woodworking machines laying around from a previous project, I got rid of those and got a Sieg KX3 CNC mill with the idea that I could make some of my own parts.

Many lessons have been learned thus far, but the main lesson that keeps rearing its ugly head is that CAD, CAM, and CNC software are pretty awful by today’s standards. I figured keeping track of what I tried that did and didn’t work might save someone else some trouble, especially since home-brew CNC seems to be a booming hobby.

My observations, directions, rants, raves, and what not are in the Posts menus.

Thanks for reading!